Should You Really Avoid Expired High DA Domains With A Chinese History?

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When you are looking for high DA domains for your PBN, there is one thing that pretty much every guru mentions – avoid domains with a spammy history, like those that might have been an ex-Asian site. I totally get that line of thought. In fact, I stick to that rule myself. But a few months ago I got to wondering, what if those Chinese domains actually work? If they do, then one one else is buying them up and I could rank and bank. So, I decided to see what would happen if I built out a small niche site on an expired domain that has a history as an ex-Asian site. That was the 24th of January, so just four months today. Here’s what I’ve learned…  [Read more…]

Authority Niche Site Progress Update #9, Q1 2015

I know that the first quarter of 2015 ended quite a while ago, but I’ve had a lot going on and little time to update. After an exciting and exhausting 10-month trip around the world paid for with my internet earnings, I made it back to the USA in March and finished up my travels with a month-long stay in Hawaii before heading back to reality.

What I’ve Been Up To In Q1 2015

I rang in the New Year by the beach in southern Spain, which was pretty awesome. Ended up spending some time in one of my favorite Spanish cities –Málaga. If you find yourself in the area, I definitely suggest checking it out. You can even take a cruise into the city.

Malaga Castle

Malaga Castle

After that, I did a few weeks in Italy hitting up all the major cities that I’d missed on my previous visit – Rome, Milan, Bologna and Florence. I had some of the best gelato ever while in Rome – caramelized fig and it was worth writing home about.  [Read more…]

Authority Niche Site Progress Update #8, End of 2014

I haven’t updated my authority niche site progress reports for several months now. That’s partly due to traveling and partly due to me hustling to get as many sites and pages ranking as possible before the Christmas buying season. And, I am happy to say that it was my most profitable December yet!

However, it is not quite as big as it could have been thanks to some unexpected problems that I had along the way. So, let’s get started with that…  [Read more…]

Authority Niche Site Progress Update #7

For most of August, I spent my time in Scotland. I didn’t know that Scotland doesn’t really have much of a summer, so it was considerably cold than I’d expected. And it rained. A lot. As a result, I spent a lot of time inside working on my authority niche sites, which you’ll hear more about in a bit. But first, the monthly performance check-up.

Here’s how my August shaped up:

Authority Niche Site #1 is sold with no further income.  [Read more…]

Authority Niche Site Progress Update #6

July was a busy month for me as I’m still traveling and ending up changing locations three times before getting settled in for August. All that change made it hard to get as much done as I’d wanted, but I did manage to get quite a bit crossed off my to-do list – including some new sites!

Here’s how my July shaped up:

Authority Niche Site #1 is sold with no further income.

Authority Niche Site #2 is still far surpassing any expectations that I’ve had for it. Though, it is selling mostly seasonal stuff, so I do expect a dive in earnings sometime soon.  [Read more…]